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Cloudchaser is a female Pegasus pony. She has a similar, albeit slightly darker, color scheme to Flitter. Her eyes are rose, unlike Flitter's. Her cutie mark is a shooting star in most scenes, but a cloud in front of the sun in some scenes, occasionally switching from the latter to the former; the former is used to represent her on a score-keeping chalkboard during cloud-busting at the Wonderbolt Academy and is listed on Enterplay's Flitter & Cloudchaser trading card. Cloudchaser has the spikier hair of the two. She is called by her studio file name Stormwalker in some merchandise.

Another character named Cloud Chaser is a male Pegasus pony. He has a dark gray coat, two-tone light blue mane and tail, deep blue eyes, and a cutie mark of a gray wing. Unlike the female Cloud Chaser, he is unnamed in the series, but he is named in merchandise.