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Are Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash sistersAren't Princess Celestia and Princess Luna Twilight's aunt in lawCan changelings breed or mate with ponies
Didn't Queen Chrysalis capture all the most important ponies also because she wanted to rule over Equestria than just feed loveDoes Apple Bloom have a cutie markDoes Golden Harvest like parties
Does King Sombra raises every warriors after seized control of the Crystal EmpireDoes Rarity loves spikeDoes Scootaloo think Twilight Sparkle is an egg (ache) head
Has Discord ever flown with his bat and pegasus wings in the showHas anyone found any spoilers for Season 5 or Rainbow RocksHow can Starlight Glimmer be powerfull enough to fight Twilight Sparkle, isn't alicorns more powerful than unicorns
How can Starlight Glimmer re-change the past if she was in the past all the time and didn't travel back to the presentHow can Twilight Sparkle and Spike still be the same and the cutie map still be in the present if everything and even her friends are not the sameHow did Rarity's hoof got rid of dirt for 25 seconds
How did the changelings capture all of the most powerful ponies of Equestria so easyHow do animation errors happenHow does Princess Celestia raise the sun
How is Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings defeatedHow long is mlp season 5 second half going to be delayedHow many seasons of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic are there
How was the Tree of Harmony chest unlockedHow will Flash Sentry react when he finds out that there are two TwilightsHow will Flash Sentry react when he finds out there are 2 Twilights
If Starlight Glimmer believed that cutie marks could take friends from her, why didn't Starlight Glimmer become friend with they who already got their cutie marks?If the dazzlings are sirens then why are they humans when they go into the human world and show pictures of they're pony formsIn the episode "Magic Duel," what did Zecora mean by: " mix your magic use the six."
Is Berryshine a party crasherIs Discord going to be in season 4Is Fluttershy dead
Is Lauren Faust a princessIs Lord Solaris really is an old colleauge to Princess CelestiaIs Rarity & Spike going to get married in either Season 5 or 6
Is Rarity the Most Dramatic Pony in EquestriaIs Twilight Sparkle an Egg (ache) HeadIs Twilight Sparkle related to Princess Celestia
Is alicorn more powerfull than unicornIs there going to be a 5th seasonMy Little Pony Friendship is Magic Answers
Of course she will ! She can't keep wearing that awful outfit forever you know.Twilight and Sunset shimmerWhat Soarin moments came in season 4
What caused Luna to become Nightmare MoonWhat do you think will happen in EG 4What does Diamond Tira and Sliver Spoons cutie mark mean
What episodes does Pinkie Pie turn into pinkaminaWhat happened to Adagio DazzleWhat happened to Applejack's parents
What happens in Rainbow RocksWhat happens to Twilight Sparkle's human counterpart in Rainbow RocksWhat is Canterlot
What is CloudsdaleWhat is EquestriaWhat is Equestria Academy about
What is FillydelphiaWhat is Luna's black mark on her flankWhat is My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
What is PonyvilleWhat is Rarity's surnameWhat is a changeling
What is inside the Tree of Harmony chestWhat is the Everfree ForestWhat is the Golden Oak Library
What is the Ponyville SchoolhouseWhat will be the main plot for "Legend of Everfree"When did Twilight Sparkle become an Alicorn
When is Fluttershy's birthdayWhen is Season 6 going to premiereWhen will My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks be released
When will Rainbow Rocks airWhere and when will the "Crystal Gala happenWhere is Scootaloo's home
Where is the Crystal EmpireWhere was the Tree of HarmonyWhich episodes have shown Pinkie Pie's Pinkie sense
Who are Flim and FlamWho are Fluttershy's parentsWho are Sonata Dusk, Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze
Who are The WonderboltsWho are the BreeziesWho are the Cutie Mark Crusaders
Who are the Diamond DogsWho are the main charactersWho founded this wiki and what is the purpose
Who is AhuizotlWho is Amethyst StarWho is Angel
Who is Apple BloomWho is ApplejackWho is Babs Seed
Who is BerryshineWho is Big McIntoshWho is Bloomberg
Who is BraeburnWho is CheerileeWho is Cheese Sandwich
Who is Cherry BerryWho is CloudchaserWho is Coco Pommel
Who is DaisyWho is Daring DoWho is Diamond Tiara
Who is DiscordWho is Dr. CaballeronWho is Fancypants
Who is FeatherweightWho is Fleur Dis LeeWho is Flitter
Who is Flurry HeartWho is FluttershyWho is Garble
Who is GildaWho is Golden HarvestWho is Granny Smith
Who is GummyWho is Hoity ToityWho is Iron Will
Who is JoeWho is King SombraWho is Lightning Dust
Who is LyraWho is MatildaWho is Mayor Mare
Who is MinuetteWho is Mr. CakeWho is Mrs. Cake
Who is Ms. HarshwhinnyWho is Ms. PeachbottomWho is Mulia Mild
Who is OpalescenceWho is OwlowisciousWho is Philomena
Who is Photo FinishWho is Pinkie PieWho is Pipsqueak
Who is Pound CakeWho is Prince BluebloodWho is Princess Cadance
Who is Princess CelestiaWho is Princess LunaWho is Princess Mi Amore
Who is Princess SkylaWho is Pumpkin CakeWho is Queen Chrysalis
Who is Rainbow DashWho is RarityWho is Rarity's mom
Who is RoseWho is RoseluckWho is Sapphire Shores
Who is ScootalooWho is Scootaloo's sisterWho is Shining Armor
Who is Silver SpoonWho is SnailsWho is Snips
Who is SoarinWho is SpikeWho is Spitfire
Who is Sunset ShimmerWho is Suri PolomareWho is Sweetie Belle
Who is Sweetie DropsWho is TankWho is Thunderlane
Who is TomWho is TrixieWho is Twilight Sparkle
Who is TwistWho is WinonaWho is Zecora
Who is the Mane-iacWho is the founder of mlp.wikia.comWho is the main antagonist in the show
Who is the voice of Twilight SparkleWho was the first alicornWho will be the voice actor of Gloriosa Daisy
Why Cadance is princessWhy DJ Pon-3 can't talkWhy are Lyrica and Royal Ribbon seen together often
Why are Princess Celestia's wings different from the other 3 alicornsWhy are some cutie marks in threesWhy can't DJ-Pon 3 talk
Why did Cerberus leave it's post in TartarusWhy did Cerebus leave its post in TartarusWhy did Shining Amour's and Princess Cedence's baby be a alicorn
Why did Shining Amour's and Princess Cedence's baby be an alicornWhy did Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's baby was an AlicornWhy did Spike turn into a Dog in "Equestria Girls"
Why did the Elements of Harmony turn Discord into stoneWhy didn't Starlight Glimmer travel back when the first pony got her/his cutie mark and make her/him to got a equal cutie markWhy didn't Twilight ask Trixie to bring back Pinkie's mouth for real in Magic Duel
Why does Celestia's and Luna's manes flowWhy does DJ Pon-3 wear glassesWhy does Princess Celestia's mane change color
Why does Princess Luna say 'WE', Who else is she referring toWhy does human Pinkie Pie know so muchWhy is fluttershy shy
Why is it taking so long for season 4 of MLP: FiM to arrive in AustraliaWhy is the FiM Wiki being so jerkish about not letting users edit what they want to edit!Why were and only Twilight Sparkle and Spike sent back to the present everytime when the past was change
Will Applejack become an alicornWill Babs Seed appear after Season 3Will Derpy get her own episode
Will Discord appear in season 5Will Discord turn back to evil againWill Golden Oak Library be rebuilt after the season 4 finale
Will Queen Chrysalis return in season 7Will Rarity become an alicornWill Sci-Twi change her hairstyle sooner
Will Sunset Shimmer go back to EquestriaWill Twilight Sparkle restore her old unicorn self againWill Twilight Sparkle revert back to a unicorn
Will the Human Twilight have a new outfit to wear since she transferred to CHS?Will there be a possibility for the Dazzlings to appear in EG 4Will there be an Equestria Girls three
Wtf why is ma mario smoking weed!!!!!!
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